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English Speaking Evaluator 

Test the English level of your employees and employees candidates
It is a test that involves facing scenarios, ranging from simple tasks like ordering a coffee to more complex ones like extracting information from a spy. During this test, participants are required to demonstrate their English speaking proficiency by successfully tackling the challenges presented in each scenario. 
Are your employees or candidates skilled enough in English to order a capuccino in a coffee shop?

Test them with Etest

How does it work?

Voice simulator
Natural locution with two types of voices: male and female.
Conversation simulator
Dialogue based on a scenario and some characters set and on the responses of the evaluated
Pronunciation error detector
Transcribes the responses of the person being evaluates to check for pronunciation error.
Fluency and vocabulary checker
Checks the response time and suitability of the vocabulary for the given scenario.
Design for scenarios related to the business
 Create different scenarios of interest for the employer, related to the business or a specific position.
C ustomized statistics 
Collect information beyond the English level that may be of interest for the employer (the follow up of instructions, the knowledge of certain topics, costumer service, etc.)

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